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El certificado Internacional A2, de acuerdo al Marco Común Europeo,  demuestra que:

  • Puedes comprender y utilizar frases y expresiones básicas;
  • Puedes comprender el inglés elemental;
  • Puedes presentarte y responder preguntas básicas sobre ti mismo;
  • Puedes Interactuar con hablantes de inglés a un nivel básico.

A2, consta de tres pruebas para evaluar tus destrezas en el idioma inglés. 

  1. Comprensión lectora y  escrita. Equivale al 50% de examen (Muestra que eres capaz de comprender información escrita sencilla, por ejemplo, letreros, folletos, periódicos y revistas.)
  2. Comprensión auditiva o listening: Equivale al 25% del examen (Muestra que eres capaz de comprender anuncios, interactuar, introducirte cuando las personas hablan razonablemente despacio)
  3. Expresión Oral: 25% ( Puedes participar en una conversación respondiendo de manera sencilla, esta prueba estará a cargo de un evaluador con un compañero)

Spanish classes

Take this test to know your English level

Price: $200.00

TOEFL iBT test stands for “Test of English as a Foreign Language Internet-Based Testing.” Passing the TOEFL is an important pre-requisite for international students wanting to study in North American post-secondary institutions. 

In addition, the score is used by government agencies, scholarship programs, and licensing agencies to assess English proficiency. 

As a result, English learners around the world are looking for help of certified teachers to prepare for the TOEFL test. 

This comprehensive 100-hour specialization program is designed by experts in the field to provide you with a solid background in TOEFL preparation, as well as a selection of proven strategies to help your students successfully complete the test and achieve the scores they desire.

For all those who are looking for something special, something extraordinary, look no further. Our accredited, 220-Hour Online Master TEFL Certification is that what you, most likely, are looking for.

At the end of the course, you will have learned the following:
– Understand the qualities that make great teachers.
– Gain knowledge about past and current EFL teaching methodologies.
– Know how to effectively organize and manage an English class.
– Create high-energy classes every day.
– Acquire know-how of teaching different types of students.
– How to make efficient use of technology in your class.
– Partner with artificial intelligence in your English instruction.
– Understand what is going on inside your English language learners.
– Become an expert in language skill development.
– Turn boring subjects into engaging classes.
– How to correct errors in speech and writing.
– Assessment strategies to achieve accuracy and fluency at the same time.
– Understand how to design business courses and materials.
– Learn how to conduct Business English Classes
– Understand the differences between the adult and the young learner

he course has 17 lessons

Price: $1800 

Tuition: 4 Hours a day, 5 Days a Week, 4 Weeks.

We ore an accredited and world-recognized, four-week, 120-Hour On-Site TESOL certification that provides real teaching experiences. This course gives you the best return on your investment and is perfect for those who have never taught English before. As you gradually acquire new skills, you have sucient practice to apply them to teaching and get immediate feedback from your trainer. You will be able to Tourism paid along with your course. Also, you can choose short courses like photography, Spanish, etc.


  • Full tuition 
  • Accommodation 
  • Tourism package paid to Colca Canyon and Titikaka Lake 
  • Short courses: Spanish, Photography Career-support/guidance (CV/resume setup, school info). Onsite practicum in Peru or Matogrosso Do Sul Brasil, accommodation included.


Básico I

International language standards

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) is an international standard for describing language ability. 
It describes language ability on a six-point scale, from A1 for beginners, up to C2 for those who have mastered a language. This makes it easy for anyone involved in language teaching and testing, such as teachers or learners, to see the level of different qualifications. It also means that employers and educational institutions can easily compare our qualifications to other exams in their country.

Part 1 (80 minutes) – The first section of the C1 Advanced tests reading comprehension, grammar, use of English, and vocabulary. 

This part has a total of 86 multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, and matching questions divided into 4 subsections. 

Part 3 (40 minutes) – The third section of the C1 test is listening comprehension. You listen to radio, television, or other types of native English speech and answer questions about what you heard.  There is a total of 30 questions in this part divided into 5 subsections.

Part 2 (30 minutes) – The second part of the C1 Advanced exam tests writing ability. There are two prompts of equal length (about 250 words to write). There is an essay for each question to fill out. 

Part 4 (10 minutes) – The last section of the C1 Advanced tests English speaking ability. Students take this part of the test in pairs. The speaking test is divided into 3 parts: in the first two you speak on your own and with the examiner, and in the second two you speak with the other candidate. 

With this course you will be able to teach English at private institutes and public shcools.

You will have the require skills and methodologies to create interactive lessons plan and learning experiences.

CURSO TALLER "Designing an effective lesson plan in Languages Teaching"

Este curso está diseñado para desarrollar habilidades que permitan al docente realizar sus Lesson Plan de manera efectiva, teniendo como base las necesidades de sus alumnos.

Asimismo, el curso le dará al docente un nivel internacional. Enseñar inglés en todo el mundo, onsite, online, a través de diferentes plataformas usando los recursos online.

Incluido en el curso:

1. Certificación internacional y nacional

2. Certificación por 100 horas

3. Trabajo en Plataforma

4. Incluye material 

Este curso está dirigido a docentes que deseen inbrear a la Carrera Pública Magisterial es una convocatoria dirigida a todas las personas con título de profesor o de licenciado en educación que aspiran a nombrarse y desarrollar la función docente en alguna de las instituciones educativas de Educación Básica del sector público.

Este curso te ayudará a potenciar tus habilidades para dicha convocatoria. 

Disponemos una varieda de recursos que te ayudarán:

1. Plataforma moodle para práctica de idioma inglés

2. Clases en vivo con docentes especialistas para analizar la casuistica

3. Clases de razonamiento matemático

4. Práctica de los exámenes pasados para que puedas practicar sin límites en el momento que mejor se ajuste a tus necesidades.


30-Hours with Tutor

90-Hours work in a platform

10-Hours practicum online

With this course, you will be able to study all topics related to C1 competencies in English, according to the European framework. 

In this course, the student will be able to practice all the abilities tested in any international examination.

Virtual via Zoom

Detailed results according to the examination in all four skills:
Writing, and


You will receive a full detailed score of your performance along with your certificate, it will be delivered digitally and printed.

Práctica de preparación para el curso de certificación B1, de acuerdo al Marco Común Europeo

Certificación B2  de acuerdo al Marco Común Europeo, es una de las titulaciones más conocidas. 
Les proporciona a los alumnos la confianza necesaria para usar el inglés en la vida real.

La titulación B2,  demuestra que el alumno posee las destrezas lingüísticas necesarias para comunicarse en pais de habla inglesa.

Online a través de plataforma.


Resultados más al detalle. Los candidatos recibirán una puntuación por cada una de las habilidades lingüísticas

  • Comprensión lectora, 
  • Expresión escrita, 
  • Comprensión auditiva y 
  • Expresión oral
  • Entrevista:  más otra por el uso del inglés. 
También recibirán una puntuación global por el examen en su totalidad 

El postulante aprobado recibirá una certificación  digital a través de badges y un certificado en físico.